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San Diego Zoo Safari Park

If you are looking for a7 Hour Experience with Nature & Wildlife Fun for the Whole Family... 

If you are Fancying a day trip into the deepest, darkest heart of Africa!  Make a pit stop in Asia on the same day!   This is the place for you will want to visit.  Easier then traveling to faraway lands.  A chance to discover exotic animals. Call to arrange pickup at your hotel and everything you need for a day of fun for the whole family awaits.


  • Transportation to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Be a part of a African style safari
  • See Africa with Bush Line Monorail,
  • A up-close and personal experience with animals

The Heart of Africa invites you to experience an African style safari.  As you search for wildlife in the 30-acre habitat. The WAGASA Bush Line Monorail is an incredible 55 minute ride which takes you through Africa and Asia.

Get up-close and personal with animals expand your wildlife knowledge at the Animal Trackers show. It will be a day the family will remember for years to come.

Rent a Mobility Device and discover San Diego Wild Animal 

Park with Energy to Spare at the End of the Day.

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San Diego Wild Animal Park Scooter Rentals

15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd.
Escondido, CA 92027
Open daily, including all holidays - Please check official website above for hours & time changes throughout the year.
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Rent An Electric Scooter or Wheelchair for the San Diego Wild Animal Park The San Diego Wild Animal Park welcomes guests with disabilities. Don’t be disappointed arrange for a mobility device rental today.  We have plenty to choose from electric scooters and wheelchairs that can accommodate the large walking area of the zoo for you and your family.  Our scooters and wheelchair rentals can help you to cover over the entire park in one or more days. The San Diego Zoo has many hills and lower canyon areas and can make it difficult to get around for a person with disabilities or perhaps recent surgeries. 

San Diego Wild Animal Park does have scooter and wheelchair rentals, however, they have a limited inventory and you can only rent a scooter or wheelchair on a first-come first serve basis. You also can not create a reservation with them in advance to make sure they have something available. You also can not take the scooter off the premises to go to lunch or your hotel.  

Advantage of Renting from us - We rent scooters and wheelchairs that you can take off the premises.  You can take it to your car, to your hotel, or even to another park or event, such as the San Diego Zoo Safari ParkSea World, or the Lego Land.

We have transportable scooters, standard scooter, heavy-duty scooters, and extra heavy-duty scooters that hold all the way up to 500 lbs.

A standard scooter rental or a transportable scooter rental can range anywhere from $60 a day to $200 for one week.  For the entire price list please click Here for prices:Pricing