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La Jolla

Fun for the Entire Family : Golfing, Good Place to Relax, Mountain Biking, Picnic Spot, Popular with Locals, Sunrise / Sunset, Swim & Snorkel, Beach, Cave, Town / City

La Jolla has it all from white-sand coves to immaculately landscaped parks.  Visit the cliffs above deep, clear blue waters and the upscale boutiques.  When you are done it will be easy to understand the Spanish translation for La Jolla “the jewel.”

The Village overlooking the Pacific Ocean on three sides with the crown on top of the cliffs.  Offers the best restaurants found on Girard Avenue and Prospect Streets along with the best boutique shopping. If you are a history buff check out La Jolla Historical Society brows throw vintage photos and beach memorabilia. At the La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Arts San Diego offers ever-changing exhibitions.

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La Jolla By The Sea
Address: La Jolla, California
Hours: Open Daily
Admission: Free

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La Jolla does have scooter and wheelchair rentals however, they have a limited inventory and you can only rent a scooter or wheelchair on a first-come first serve basis. You also can not create a reservation with them in advance to make sure they have something available. You also can not take the scooter off the premises to go to lunch or your hotel.

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